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Dr. Jo's Signature Quiz Show Programs

Looking for an interactive presentation on managing stress, fatigue, or burnout? Check out this 44-second excerpt of my signature quiz show programs (in-person or virtual). Participants laugh and learn as they respond to questions on their phone every 3-5 minutes.


Virtual Speaking Promo Reel

Dr. Jo speaks to wide variety of organizations to help their people stay healthy and they can be more productive and engaged...without risk of burnout or debilitating stress. (<4 minutes)

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Watch These Full Length Program Videos 

Energy Reboot for Peak Performance

(in-person quiz show)

Eating for Productivity & Peak Performance

(in-person quiz show)

Reboot for Productivity & Performance

(pre-recorded quiz show format)

Managing Stress

(in-person keynote presentation)

Fun Fundraiser Keynote

(in-person presentation)

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Promo Videos To Share with Your Attendees

To help you promote the event, Jo will customize 1-2 minute promo videos (like these) for your audience. 

Energy Reboot:
missing link to productivity and performance

Eating for
Peak Performance

Energy Reboot Quiz Show Format

What Every Woman Wants: great legs, more energy, and peace of mind

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Just Some of the Videos on Dr. Jo's YouTube Channel: @GoDrJo

Dr. Jo's One Minute Workout

Help During the Pandemic

Why am I Still Tired?

Silly Halloween Video

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