"[We] sponsored Dr. Jo as the keynote speaker...We were very pleased with her attitude, her skills as a presenter, her preparation, and her topic was germane to the group."
- Deborah Bruce Witt, Aladdin Temp-Rite

Feeling fat, fatigued & frantic? Dr. Jo® can help.

As a keynote speaker, Dr. Jo® has inspired 1000+ audiences to stay healthy, sane, and productive. Her most popular topic is Reboot: how to power up your energy, focus, and productivity (look for Dr. Jo’s book on this topic will be published Oct 2014).

Check out this brief demo of Dr. Jo’s REBOOT.

5 Rules For Snacking

To snack or not to snack (for health and weight)? I was recently asked this question by Daily Makeover. Here’s what I told them. Read the full article here.

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