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Dr. Jo's Health & Sanity Calls


Feeling Stressed? Worried? Anxious?  

Let me help.

On my weekly "calls", my guests and I will share support and helpful strategies of what YOU can do NOW to stay healthy, sane, and productive during the coronovirus (covid-19) pandemic. 

What are these calls about? 

During the covid19 pandemic there are so many things we have NO control over. But, focusing on those things will only stress you more.

On my weekly calls, we'll focus, instead, on all the things you CAN control. These calls will make you feel more positive, more alive, more energized, and more hopeful. 


How to Listen/Watch:

Resources to Help Keep You Healthy, Sane, and Productive

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What can YOU control?

I always start my stress management programs reminding people not to stress about things we have no control over.

What's important is to find what we have control over...and take charge. That's the focus on these daily calls. 

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I was doing it wrong

Seriously, do we need instructions? I think so.

A colleague (who's a registered nurse) posted this quick video...and I hate to admit it, I wasn't doing it correctly. Are you?

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Here are some ideas

In our first call, I asked participants what they were doing to de-stress. What are YOU doing?

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Run out of something?

Alice Henneman, Extension Educator - Emeritus, University Nebrask - Lincoln, put this list together to help you.

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Can't get to the gym?

Then, do "Dr. Jo's One Minute Workout" in your living room! It's a full-body, high intensity HIIT workout. 

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Resistance exercises

You can get a full-body weight resistant workout with a simple inexpensive resistance band. 

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How do you feel?

Want to feel better? First, start with identifying what you're feeling. Then, it will be easier to discover a solution to improve the situation.

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Tapping Points

Dr. Katie Nall, in a recent "health and sanity call" shared how to use tapping to decrease anxiety and worry. Watch the video HERE.