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Want to Be a Guest on My Podcast?


Many of us are feeling tired, exhausted, and stressed?

Can you help?

I'm always looking for energized experts to share how just small shifts in the way we EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, and THINK can help to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Everything is possible when we have more energy. 

More About Jo

About the Podcast

  • Weekly
  • 20-25 minutes
  • Fun, yet science-based
  • Conversational
  • Recorded in advance (video + audio) and minimally edited for clarity 
  • Available on most podcast channels (see links below) plus YouTube (video)
  • Many podcasts have a corresponding blog page on
  • Shared on social media (Dr. Jo can be found at @GoDrJo)
Please Review Podcast Episodes Prior to Submitting Your Ideas

About My Guests

  • Experts in their topic
  • Must be interesting to listen to
  • Willing to share 1-3 tips to help others energize your life
  • While "sales" are not allowed, you can share a "freebie" or information on their offerings without being overly promotional
  • Willing to share podcast episode on their social media channels

About the Recording


  • Recorded over Zoom in both video AND audio format
  • Must have good quality webcam and microphone
  • MUST wear an earpiece or headphone instead of using your computer speaker (allows for a more clear recording, without feedback)
  • Must be hard wired (wifi can be sketchy at times)
  • Plan to be on Zoom for 45 minutes so we can spend 10-15 minutes before hitting RECORD to get comfortable with each other and to review the proposed agenda for the episode
  • While this has never happened, Dr. Jo reserves the right to NOT use the recording if quality of the interview isn't acceptable in terms of video/audio quality or content


After you have reviewed prior episodes ...

Submit Your Request to be a Guest

We'll get back to you if there's a fit. 

This information will only be used to respond back about being a guest on Jo's podcast.

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