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Dr. Jo's Recommendations for Books and other Resources

Want to feel more energized, healthy, and sane? Below are some of my favorites resources - including my latest book, REBOOT. 

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NOTE: I highly recommend the products on this page. All links go to Amazon and contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase them, Dr. Jo Inc may get something in return. Thank you very much for your support. 

More Energy, Less Fatigue

Let me help you optimize energy so you can get more accomplished during your workday - and have more fun after.

Sports Fitness & Nutrition

Whether you're an athlete - or a wanna be, here are some books and resources to keep you strong.

Weight Loss

Want to lose a few pounds? Or a few more?

Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes

Want to get your numbers down? Check out these books.

Healthy Cooking

Want to cook healthier? Add more plant-based foods to your diet?

Heart Health

Heart disease is the #1 killer. Here's how to live longer.

Women and Children

Let's keep our families healthy and fit.


Here are some more books to help keep you healthy.


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