Five Reasons You’re Still Sleepy Tired in the Morning

person hitting alarm clock with hammer because he's not getting enough sleep and is tired

Are you tired in the morning? Even after a full night’s sleep? Let me share with you the top 5 reasons you’re tired – and what to do about it. To watch the animated white board video click the link or read the transcript below.

#5 Dehydration

I’m guessing that the first thing you do in the morning is head straight to the bathroom. When you do, check the color of your pee. I’m guessing it’s bright yellow – that’s a sign of dehydration – a common cause of fatigue.

So, in the morning, before you reach for your preferred cup of caffeine, rehydrate first with a tall glass of water.

If you start first with a caffeinated drink, you’ll end up drinking more than you need…not because you need the caffeine, but because your body is actually craving the water.

Read more about dehydration and fatigue HERE.

#4 Last Night’s Drink

Alcohol is considered the number one over-the-counter sleep aid. While it may make you feel sleepy, alcohol actually disrupts your sleep and you don't wake refreshed. So, don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid.

#3 Interrupted Sleep

While you sleep, your body goes through numerous 90-minute sleep cycles. One cycle consists of light sleep, a drop into a deeper state of sleep, and then back up to a lighter state of sleep called REM sleep where you dream. Both deep sleep and REM sleep are critical for keeping us healthy. And these sleep cycles repeat throughout the evening.

While we may not be consciously aware of it, every noise or movement will knock us out of deep sleep so we have to start the cycle all over again… wasting valuable sleep time. To prevent interruptions, use a sound machine to block outside noise, get some help for your snoring spouse, and maybe it’s time to let your pets and kids sleep in their own room. Both you – and they – will get a more restful night’s sleep.

To learn more about how sleep cycles help you maintain your health, weight, and energy, read this BLOG.

#2 Evening Light

When darkness falls, the eyes detect this…encouraging the natural production of a hormone called melatonin. Rising evening melatonin production makes us feel sleepy – so we get to sleep and stay asleep.

Unfortunately, most of us keep our eyes exposed to bright light…all the way up to bedtime. Instead, dim the lights in the evening, turn off the electronic devices early, and get the bedroom as dark as possible to encourage full melatonin production.

Will melatonin supplements help? Read MORE.

#1 Not Getting Enough Sleep

My audiences are filled with people who sleep just four, five, or six hours a night. If you sleep longer on your days off – or nod off during the day – even a boring meeting, then you’re not getting enough sleep. Boring meetings will always be boring, but they shouldn’t lull us to sleep.

So, get some sleep, will ya?

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