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Buzzards, Biking, Big Bend: The Importance of Staying Hydrated

buzzards circling
Have you ever felt threatened by a buzzard? Or followed by about 50 of those large black birds circling overhead - just waiting for you to drop to the ground so they could pick the flesh off your bones? That’s the situation we were in on a very hot day in Big Bend National Park near the end of a long hike and extrememely dehydrated. 
But severe deyhydration isn't the only risk to our body. Even a slight 1% dehydration can affect how you think, feel, perform, and react. That's right. Just a little.
In episode #52 of my "Energize Your Life" podcast, I share:
  • How much water should you drink every day? 
  • What temperature is best for hydration?
  • What counts towards your rehydration needs – water, sports drinks…does coffee and other caffeinated beverages count?
  • What if you don’t like the taste of water? 
  • Any advantages of pH Balanced water, alkaline water, vitamin water?

Listen here:

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