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Image what it would be like to...

Lose your excess weight - and keep it off without ever going on another diet

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Feel more comfortable in your skin

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Have just one size of clothes in your closet – and they all fit

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Bend, sit, and move with ease

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Feel control in situations you currently struggle with – restaurants, social situations, holidays...

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Live your life to its fullest without dwelling on food, exercise, and your weight for every moment of every day

I get it. I've been there too!

Hi, I'm Dr. Jo, PhD nutritionist and registered dietitian.


As a professional speaker (more than 1000+ on-stage presentations), I share research-driven strategies to energize people to get more done without burning out. 

Off the stage, people comment about my high energy and positive attitude. They often say, "Oh, you're so lucky to be at a healthy weight."

Nope, it's not luck.

I went on my first diet when I was just 16. Looking back now, I probably wasn't even overweight.

I lost a few pounds, then a few more...and then things went bonkers. And, my strong ability to control my eating morphed into near total restriction and I developed anorexia! Weighing in at just 95# at 5'6" (a 40 pound weight loss in just 3 months).

When I went off to college (I'll blame it on the all-you-can-eat meal plan), I lost complete control of my eating – and my weight. I gained all that weight back – and then some…for a grand total of 65 pounds.

Thinking I was addicted to food, especially sugar, I went on – and off – every diet I could find.  But, I always ended up losing control and bingeing.

Even after I graduated from college. Even though, by this time, I was a registered dietitian.  Yup, years of education about nutrition, exercise, and health was NOT enough to help me to manage my own weight issues.

Perhaps you can relate. Do you know more about diet and exercise than your body would indicate at the present moment?

Simply knowing what you need to do…is not enough to bring about change. We need more.

But, I was able to get the weight off - and keep it off within a five pound range.

Without crazy diets or strenuous exercise. And without thinking about my food and exercise ALL DAY LONG.

Now I want to help YOU. 

Let Me Show You How to Have YOUR "BETTER BODY" 

I developed Dr. Jo's Better Body program to teach you the same six steps that I used to get my weight under control. Here's a brief description of my Better Body program:

Step 1: Listen In

We were all born with the innate skill of knowing when we were hungry or sleepy. We naturally wanted to move.

Then "life" happened and we stopped listening to our body. And started bashing it instead.

We're often told to IGNORE our hunger ("ride it out") as if feeling hungry is a bad thing. It’s not. It's a body signal no different than the urge to go to the bathroom…and you don't ignore that, do you?

Let me show you how to get back in touch with that wise child that’s still inside you. You’ll be able, once again, to listen to what your body needs in terms of food, movement, and rest. 

Step 2: Fuel Up

Nearly every person I counsel with weight issues talks about their low energy. Are you lacking the energy and motivation you need to focus on eating healthy or moving more?

That was my issue too. Then, I discovered a way to eat – an eating style - that actually increased my energy. It wasn’t a low-calorie diet, so I didn’t feel deprived but…I lost weight.

Once I had more energy…I naturally had more willpower to resist temptations, and I stopped bingeing. And, I was burning more calories because I just felt like moving my body...just like when I was a kid. 

Step 3: Connect It

Have you ever set a goal to lose weight for a wedding, reunion, or a vacation…and then did it?

Or signed up for a race, trained for it, and finished? 

But what happened afterwards? Did you gain the weight back? Stop running?

Goals are powerful, but they are short-lived. 

Let's do better than a goal. I’m going to help you connect your weight goals to something that’s so important to you that you can’t possibly fail. You’ll become so motivated to succeed that everything will fit into place.

Step 4: Believe It

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right.” Because if deep down inside you don’t think you’re capable of making a change in your life, you’ll sabotage yourself at every step of the way. And, nothing will change.

I’m guessing you're already confident in many aspects of your life – perhaps in your career, as a spouse or parent, as a community member.

But, are you as confident when it comes to taking care of your body? About making healthier choices to take off the excess weight and keep it off?

If you keep doing the same things over and over again, your beliefs are holding you back. I'll give you a 3-step process to so you can believe it and achieve it.

Step 5: One Thing

So often people make healthy living way more complicated than it has to be.

They follow structured diet programs, strict exercise regimens, …and then…life gets in the way and they go back to their old ways.

They’re either ON a program - or off it. It's all-or-nothing. 

But ask people who have lost weight and kept it off, and you’ll find out that their mentality is totally different…successful people don’t even try to do everything.

They just do the things that matter most. 

So often, all that requires is doing one thing right…and everything else falls into place. And, guess what? Oftentimes it has nothing to do with diet and exercise.

Step 6: Own It

You've tried other diet and exercise programs. And, did they work? 

Sure, but not long-term. 

Why not? Because deep down inside we don’t like following other people’s rules – at work, at home…and certainly not about what we should eat or how we should exercise.

Oh, sure, there are overarching guidelines that apply to good health and weight control. BUT, there are many different ways of actually doing those things.

In this step, I’ll help you, “follow the guidelines, but make your own rules.“ 

These will be rules that fit your life so they’re not hard at all. Rules that you can follow long-term. You can do this!!

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Get Your Better Body NOW!

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